The Guangzhou Library, established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, was created for the benefit of the general welfare, and to serve as a culture and education institution. The library’s services are based on collecting, organizing, and reserving all categories of written knowledge and information including paper-based materials, audio-visual materials, and digital materials. The library offers lending of materials, reference and information service, exhibitions and lectures, art appreciation, cultural display, Internet service and spaces for learning, research and communication. The library also holds various kinds of reading promotion activities.
    The Guangzhou Library is situated on the banks of the Pearl River on Flower City Square and on Guangzhou’s new central axis. It covers a land area of 21,067 square meters, and the total construction area is 98,178 square meters. The library faces the Guangzhou Tower, the highest tower in China, and is surrounded by the Guangdong Provincial Museum, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the Guangzhou 2nd Children's Palace. Together these institutions form a cultural community, and now the Library has become Guangzhou's cultural window.
    The library uses “Beautiful Books” as the design concept, and when viewed from east to west, the elegant design of the north and south towers bears a resemblance to the Chinese character “之”. The cascading style of the “books” on the exterior is representative of the overlap of history and culture. At the same time, the design integrates the arcade architectural style and also embodies elements of Lingnan art.
The vision of the Guangzhou Library is to “Connect global knowledge and enrich reading life”, and the target is to create an internationally advanced and first-class National Central City Library. Positioned as a regional hub of knowledge and information, a space for lifelong learning, a center for the promotion of reading, and a window to the world’s cultures, the philosophy of the library is to uphold open-mindedness, equality, and public welfare. Furthermore, the library is committed to becoming an inclusive space where reading, the sharing and exchange ideas, and communication can take place, while also promoting innovative and rational thinking and creating a socially harmonious public space. 
    By the end of 2016, The Library holds 7.90 million books. It provides 4,000 seats and 702 computers for readers to use. There are 4,000 Internet nodes in the new Guangzhou Library and WIFI service is available throughout the entire building. On average, each day the library receives 24,000 readers, 1,070 new readers are registered, 25,000 materials are borrowed, and the library hosts 5 activities. The library is a leader among public libraries in service outcomes, and has emerged as a modern “city window” which has received the approval and support of readers, the media, and the government. The Library was chosen in both 2012 and 2013 to be named in the Chronicle of Ten Important Local Events for the city of Guangzhou.